Junk removal and sustainability working together are crucial to the environment since overwhelming amounts of waste destroy oceans and choke landfills.

In fact, Reuters revealed that more than 90% of plastic waste gets dumped or incinerated because communities simply do not have established systems of disposal. This seemingly convenient practice has consequences because unmanaged waste contributes to global warming and despoils the environment.

Now that garbage continues to accumulate in the wrong places, people are recognizing junk removal services as
an essential waste management solution. Junk removal also has a larger role to play in sustainability practices in

junk boxes compressed for sustainability

Sustainability is a practice that encourages individuals to meet their needs without affecting future generations’ abilities to access resources. Unfortunately, most individuals focus on getting their needs and wants without considering how their consumption can impact the future of the environment and society.

Most individuals do not know how to eliminate their trash properly— and end up harming the environment in the

To illustrate, the Ocean Cleanup organization was able to gather as much as 9,000 kilograms of debris from their large-scale garbage collection in the Pacific Ocean. They recovered toilet seats, toothbrushes, shoes, sleds, laundry baskets, and other items that certainly don’t belong in the ocean.

If current consumption patterns continue, it’s estimated that ocean pollution will triple by 2040.

The same principle applies to land areas in different parts of the world. Junk removal services are one way to tackle this problem— albeit just one step in the waste management process.

Removing junk is a significant part of preventing waste items from ending up in oceans and important environmental areas, but it’s also important that companies have proper protocols for waste processing. For junk removal to be truly
sustainable, waste gets sorted and recycled properly.


Practices That Make Them Align

Junk removal companies may have the same objectives, but they certainly differ when it comes to practicing sustainability.

A common myth about junk removal services is that companies simply collect waste from designated areas and
dump it in landfills afterwards. This is where reputable services like IREP deviate from common misconceptions.

After removing junk from locations, our professionals follow processes aligned with sustainability goals.
Reliable junk removal companies go the extra mile by working with environmental scientists who create strategies for
proper waste reduction. Guided by their knowledge of sustainability, these experts help professionals with executing recycling practices and mitigating environmental issues caused by waste.

IREP has created the EnviroSustain Program to ensure that your junk simply does not go to waste. Instead of
dumping materials in landfills, recyclable goods are separated and repurposed to prevent further pollution.

IREP also partners with local charities, shelters, and non-profits to donate gently used items that are still functional. Additionally, non-recyclable waste materials, like used tires converts into usable heat, electricity, or
fuel when possible.

Junk removal services do more than collect waste, and we at IREP Junk Removal make it easier for you to maximize space, while minimizing waste. Through our EnviroSustain Program, all items are processed and recycled with sustainability in mind. Be a hero with us and check out our resale shop.

Editorial written by Vanessa Beatrix
for irepjunkremoval.com

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