Get rid of your unsightly dumpsters with our sustainable valet trash services!

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We are happy to help apartment complexes and multi-family home property managers take care of their trash and recycling removal needs. What makes us different?

  1. We remove all items from your property.
  2. Discounts are available on bulk removal.
  3. We prioritize safety and accommodate the common work schedule.
  4. We pay you referral bonuses.

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What are the benefits of our services?

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Remove From The Property

We will remove all the trash and recyclables from the property completely. This will eliminate any unsightly mess and could save you money from expenses on dumpster rentals. Most other companies will pick up the trash and throw it in your dumpster, trash chute or compactor leaving you vulnerable for other issues.

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Discounts on Bulk Junk Removal

We’ll discount you enough to save hundreds of dollars to remove items like mattresses, couches, appliances, recliners, tires and hazardous materials on a regular basis. You can lock in current prices for an entire year!

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Relieve Safety Concerns

We offer our trash valet services to be done between 9am and 4pm. This addresses safety concerns of our employees and accommodates the common work schedule so that residents can put their cans out before work, and pick them up when returning home. Residents won’t be concerned with people outside their door at night, and no rush to bring in cans to appease property policies. You also get to see our reputable company in action!

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Not only will we remove your trash, but we will take recyclables as well. Even when we remove bulk “junk”, we recycle everything possible. We want to help you save the world.

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Referral Bonuses

You will regularly get 1% of what you spend with us back, but you can also receive $25-$100 if you refer us to residents or other properties.

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Happy People

Your residents and staff will be so happy to have a friendly, honest and reliable company taking care of them to keep the property clean.

“They were soooo amazing! What a great company you are running, truly saved my life over here. I wanted to inquire about the weekly junk removals you can do for a property and what the associated cost on this would be.”

"Chip and the whole IREP team were great! Solid communication throughout the process and the crew had my completely packed garage sorted in less than 30 minutes! They were careful, pleasant and efficient. Would 100% use IREP again."

"I bought items from the site, they were super fast to deliver and communicated the entire time. Great company!"

"Quick and easy process to get rid of junk, fair pricing, and friendly helpful staff. Would recommend them to anyone looking to remove junk around Austin."

What properties are using this service?

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