IREP, I Recycle Everything Possible, is proud to be a Texas based, woman-owned five star business operating since 2012. We remove and recycle unwanted items from residential and commercial locations, as well as offer groundwork and bulk removal from dumpsters, and even have an online store where we sell gently used items at thrift prices.

Kelly Johnson, Owner

Kelly Johnson started hauling unwanted items as a side job in 2012 while she was managing a restaurant. She is a dedicated, hard-working entrepreneur and mother who moved to Texas from the Chicago area. She’s owned multiple businesses over the years, and still owns and runs a candle making business.

In 2020 IREP really took off with a lot of help from a business networking community. She has been quickly growing in the Austin, Texas area. She’s grown from two people (including herself) a pickup truck and trailer, to about 10 employees, four box trucks and trailers servicing a 30-35 mile radius. Within the business she launched a sustainability program where we sell gently used secondhand items, as well as donate items to local people and places. This helps us keep our mission to recycle 60% of everything hauled away.

We truly maximize space while minimizing waste while helping the local community. Follow our social media accounts to see the proof. If you use our services or purchase any items of ours, then you are an honorary hero of the planet helping to save it one item at a time.

What IREP Offers

No Cost, No Obligation Estimates
Same-Day, Next-Day Service
Guaranteed On Time Service (Or get 10%off)
No Paperwork! Online Invoicing & Payment Available
Fully Licensed and Insured
Recycle 60%+ of Items
Evictions & Writ of Possessions
Take Paint and Chemicals
Garage & Hoarder Clear Outs, Trash Outs and Liquidation Services
Online Resale Shop

IREP is happy to support our local community. We give new life to many discarded items we collect
by donating to local charities, shelters, non-profits, and other organizations. Clothing, furniture, and
other unwanted items are then made available to those who need them most.

Do you have questions about what we do or don’t do? Check out our Q & A page.

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Service Area

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cities IREP junk removal serves in Austin, TX area

The Team

Aslan Hollier Sales and Marketing Director IREP Junk Removal Austin San Marcos TX Texas
Aslan Hollier, Sales & Marketing Director

Aslan began working with IREP in December of 2020 with no marketing experience and some sales experience. His background includes teaching in creative categories, kitchen management and catering event management. He has a BA in Theatre Performance and Creative Writing and still aspires to act and write creatively.

Aslan handles a number of aspects including networking, attending events, writing blogs, creating content, posting and managing social media platforms updating the website, cold calling, knocking on doors, online & onsite estimates, and more. Since his employment revenue has increased more than 30%. He loves entertaining and providing educational content not only about the business and our services, but recycling in order to make the world a better place.

Chip Johnson, Director of Operations

Chip joined the IREP team in October 2021. He has experience as a maintenance technician at properties here in Austin, TX. He truly is a jack of all trades and has brought extensive knowledge to the team to allow us to offer great quality work to all properties in the area. He’s our go-to for questions and really increases our skill set for various labor jobs to keep our customers happy. He also manages the team and trucks on a daily basis, and will usually be the one to do onsite estimates.

He’s also the ex-husband of the owner, Kelly, and father of our latest Sustainability Manger, Daphne, before she went off to college to play basketball. This shows the confidence level he has with the mission of the company, as well as the great work environment our company has to offer.

Gilbert Ramos, Senior Hauler & Driver

Gilbert is our longest standing employee and helped Kelly start the business back in 2012. He also worked under Kelly in the restaurant industry prior to being involved full-time. Gilbert offers a number of skills, but nothing beats his friendly personality and hard working attitude.

Nicole Naticchioni, Virtual Assistant

Nicole was added to the team in June 2021 and has been a great asset to providing customer service to anyone who calls. She does most of the phone answering and scheduling, as well as tending to some administrative duties and content creation.