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With our property management services you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after current and former tenants. We specialize in making discarded possession problems disappear!

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As a property management company, you don’t want anything getting in the way of leasing that empty space again.

How often do you run into one of the following junk scenarios?

Junk and Cast-offs Left By A Former Tenant –  Whether the space is commercial or residential, a space cluttered with things left behind by another tenant slows down the time before you can have the space ready to lease again. In some cases, abandoned property even has has it’s own legal problems.

Former Tenants Heap A Pile of Garbage Near the Dumpsters –  There are a lot of items that city and private refuse haulers won’t pick up. Meanwhile, the garbage dump can cause an environmental hazard and does absolutly nothing for the curb appeal of your property.

IREP specializes in working with property management companies and making these issues disappear at a reasonable cost and the general satisfaction of all parties.
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IREP Trash and Recycling Cans
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We Donate or Recycle An Average of 60% of Everything We Pick Up!

IREP is a strong proponent of responsible debris removal. We specialize in junk removal so you don’t have to worry about proper disposals. IREP not only picks up your debris, but we also dispose of it properly; recycling or donating everything we possibly can.

By doing this, we are able to reduce waste in our local landfills and in return, offer some of the most competitive prices in the area for junk removal and trash hauling services.

IREP is proud to support our local community and its charities. By donating our time and your recyclable items to non-profit organizations and those in need, we hope to help Central Texas to thrive.

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Commercial Properties

Large commercial spaces need more than your average dumpster. IREP offers quick clean-outs at low rates. Get rid of office furniture, cardboard boxes, large amounts of paper, electronics, and small trash items like cigarette butts. We can even take care of pet waste. Whatever your commercial property cleaning needs are, you can clear it all out in one go with IREP Austin.

Unlike many of our competitors, we can take paint, chemicals, and hazardous materials. See our short list of RESTRICTED ITEMS.

Residential Properties

IREP is every residential property manager’s  best choice for mass trash-outs, tenant move outs, garbage pile-ups, and even evictions. We pick up yard waste (branches and logs), furniture and appliances, and most other things that the old tenants left behind. When you’re in a bind, you can count on us to clear out spaces quickly and efficiently.

Legal Requirements – IREP understand the local laws concerning abandoned property, evictions, and procedures associated with Writ of Possession. Our teams can clean and bag items that follow these procedures to free you up for other important work.

Regulary Scheduled Clients

Properties who have constant garbage and junk removal needs may schedule regular pickups for a significant cost savings. We can create a regular schedule that meets both your service and budgetary needs. We work everyday to meet the needs of our repeat customers, even if that means taking a last minute call for same-day service and us working into the evening. Your peers, colleagues, and even competitors trust us for a reason, and we will always continue to strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us for more information.

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Helping Texas Thrive!

Volume Pricing

We charge by volume. This means you only pay for the amount of space your items take up in our trailer! Please reference our diagram for an estimate. Official estimates will be given at no charge upon our arrival and review of your items.

We keep our rates low for your convenience and we are pretty serious about it. Know any other local junk removal company that offers less expensive rates? Tell us and watch us beat their bid! Our trash services are used by investors, property managers, realtors and homeowners.


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