A common battle is junk removal vs dumpster rental. Which is the best choice? The short answer? It depends. We’re going to break it all down, compare space and prices, and then you can decide what is the best for you.

Junk removal vs dumpster rental. Why is IREP the best choice?

There are several reasons to choose IREP over a dumpster rental, but there are three main reasons why we’re the best choice.

The top three reasons to choose us:

1) We handle all the labor and take a little more than a 30 yard dumpster worth of stuff in one trip. You only have to spend a few minutes scheduling.
2) We take more items than a dumpster: hazardous items, electronics and all appliances. We don’t discriminate against household items.
3) I Recycle Everything Possible! We’re eco-friendly and using a dumpster almost guarantees everything will go to the landfill and increase the pollution.

Why not find a good home for items that have life left in them, or dispose of them properly? Rest assured knowing that you are supporting a woman-owned, local company and our recycling efforts benefit the local community.

It could take weeks to even get a dumpster to you, then it sits there for a week or more. Who is gonna fill it? Do you have the time, strength, and energy to do it, or is it easier to have professionals take care of everything? IREP can do it all from scheduling to job completion in less than a week.

In 2017 we had only 56 years of landfill reserve capacity in Texas. That is not sustainable, which is why it’s important to recycle, resell, repurpose and reuse.

I’m HOA-friendly.

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, check the requirements of having a dumpster onsite, or if you’re even allowed. We can send the team out and do all the bagging, boxing, sorting, and moving, and then we load it on our truck and trailer and take it away.

Using us for removal only, all you do is pile it together like you would a dumpster and we can get it quickly. Typically within 24-48 hours for average jobs. We prefer the pile to be in a covered location like a garage so we can easily recycle it properly, but you could also pile it in the backyard out of view.

Suppose you can have a dumpster in the front of your house. In that case, you have to consider other factors: damaging the property, the truck and dumpster requirements, what your neighbors think about the unsightly dumpster for a long period, or neighbors taking the opportunity to put their things in your dumpster. That last one could potentially cause you to go overweight, overflow, or not fit anything else, which would make your payment rise, or not get the dumpster picked up at all.

I take more items.

We don’t discriminate when it comes to household items. We take refrigerators, tires, chemicals, paint, and several other items, hazardous materials, and appliances that can’t be put in the dumpster. Again, we’ll dispose of these things properly.

I support the local community.

Not only are we a local, woman-owned company, but we recycle within the community. When we donate or resell items, we go through local charities, organizations, businesses, and people. Not nationally known locations such as Goodwill. There is a slight exception for collectibles and clothes that can be shipped nationally or globally, but as far as we know, there are no big corporations buying these items from us.

See what we gave in 2023.

What are our junk removal prices?

We are honest and transparent. As of April 2024, these are our prices. Every job has to meet the minimum, even if you are getting a special discount. Most of our jobs consist of one team: two members, a wrapped box truck, and a trailer. Letting us have the ability to do bigger jobs in one trip. Our prices are based on volume ($1.85 per cubic footage) and the minimum is based on 80 cubic feet or less, which is basically a three-seater couch and a recliner with the seats filled. Learn more about cubic footage measuring.

A full truck (324 cubic feet) is $599, a full trailer (576 cubic feet) is $1,065, and a full truck and trailer (900 cubic feet) is $1,665. This does not include labor ($2 per minute), taxes (8.25%), fuel surcharge ($5.99), or special items like paint, chemicals, tires, upright pianos, mattresses, couches, or hot tubs.

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How does our junk removal volume pricing compare to dumpster space?

The minimum pricing of 80 cubic feet, is about the same amount of space as a 3-yard dumpster. If you are considering that size, we’re definitely the best choice.

A full truck of 324 cubic feet is the same amount you can fit in a 12-yard dumpster. We usually hold this space for sorting recyclables. A reasonable situation to see us as a solution.

A full trailer with 576 cubic feet can hold more than a 21-yard dumpster. This is an ideal situation for our services. This can take time to fill. Useable stuff gets damaged, and other people seem more inclined to dump into it. With this, we have enough space to sort as we go along and put things in the truck so that someone else can make their treasure, then put the actual trash on the trailer.

A full truck and trailer can fit a little more than a 33-yard dumpster’s worth of items. If you are settling between a 33-yard or bigger for items that clearly need to be trashed, then a dumpster might be a better option. You just need to consider the items going into it. If they are mostly items that can be of use to others or can’t go into the dumpster, you might think about it more and have us handle multiple trips, or send two teams to handle the job.

A commercial cleanout that involved two teams.

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What does IREP not do or take?

We don’t rent out dumpsters or trailers. We are a fast, friendly, local pick-up service only. IREP doesn’t take heavy construction items like concrete, rocks, dirt, shingles, or over a certain amount of unbagged tile. Brush can be removed, but it takes up a lot of space and it may be more cost-effective to find an arborist or similar.

We only have people with their own hands, legs, strength, and minor equipment like dollies. See more Q & A.

If you do require a dumpster, the we’ll tell you so and we have great referral partners. Contact us.

“In 2020, municipal [residential and commercial] waste accounted for approximately 64 percent of the 36.57 million tons of waste disposed at MSW landfills…”



If you are thinking about “the best junk removal or dumpster rental near me.” Then, I highly recommend reading this and considering us here at I Recycle Everything Possible for your junk removal job, unless it’s heavy construction debris, over a 33-yard dumpster worth of trash, or both.

If you are looking for any other home service needs that we do not offer, contact us anyway and we can give a referral to one of our many local referral partners in the greater Austin area. We’re always here to help.

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