AFLANCE – All Full Loads Are Not Created Equal

Dealing with clutter and junk on the properties you’re buying, selling or managing can be a real headache. Before you make any hasty decisions, let me introduce you to a game-changer: AFLANCE, which stands for “All Full Loads Are Not Created Equal.” This concept is at the heart of what makes IREP Junk Removal your top choice for handling junk removal. So, let’s dive into why IREP’s full load of junk removal is your best solution over most competitors in the greater Austin area.

IREP full load of junk removal compared to competitors based on cubic footage

The top is a competitor’s full load of around 480 cubic feet. The bottom is IREP’s full trailer load of 576 cubic feet.

How do I get rid of a lot of junk?

Getting rid of a lot of junk can be a daunting task, but with IREP Junk Removal, it becomes a breeze. We offer a comprehensive solution to your clutter problems. Our team of experts will come to your location, assess the junk you want to remove, and handle the entire process for you. Simply contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest. No need to stress about the logistics; we’ve got it all covered.

What does haul off junk mean?

“Haul off junk” simply means to remove and transport unwanted items, debris, or clutter from your property to a designated disposal site. When you choose IREP Junk Removal, we do more than just haul off junk; we handle it responsibly and sustainably. We’re committed to recycling over 60% of the items we collect, minimizing the impact on landfills and the environment. It’s not just about removing junk; it’s about doing it the right way.

How much does a full load of junk removal cost in Austin?

When it comes to clearing out the clutter, size and price are two key factors to consider. Our “full load” means removing a whopping 900 cubic feet of junk. To put that into perspective, it’s like emptying out a massive 30+ yard dumpster. Now, here’s the kicker – we do it at an incredibly budget-friendly rate of just $1.85 per cubic foot, bringing the total cost to $1,665.

The 900 number comes from our trailer that holds 576 cubic feet, plus we come with a box truck to hold recyclable items which adds an extra 324 cubic feet.

Check out our Volume Pricing.

Now, let’s compare that to the competition. Their “full load” is a mere 480 cubic feet, equivalent to an 18-yard dumpster. However, their pricing is less attractive at $2.08 per cubic foot, adding up to $998.4. The difference is clear – we offer more space for less money. It’s a no-brainer!

See how junk removal compares to dumpster rentals.

Helping the Environment

At IREP, we’re not just about removing junk; we’re about doing it responsibly and in a way that benefits the environment. We recycle over 60% of the items we pick up. This commitment allows us to keep our landfill expenses under a mere 2% each month.

In stark contrast, many other companies simply load up a dump truck and send everything straight to the landfill. We take a different approach. We rent recycling dumpsters and handle hazardous waste with the utmost care and responsibility. If you’re skeptical, just follow us on social media or visit to see the proof of our recycling efforts.

Beyond Junk Removal

We go above and beyond just removing clutter from your properties. With IREP, you get a whole package of additional services, including:

Choosing IREP Junk Removal is more than just a practical business decision; it’s a step towards a cleaner, greener future. Don’t settle for the ordinary. Instead, choose IREP Junk Removal for an extraordinary, clean, green, and budget-friendly solution.

Your Eco-Friendly, Cost Effective Solution

In a world filled with clutter, let IREP be your guiding light, clearing the way for a cleaner, greener, and more prosperous future. We’re not just in the junk removal business; we’re in the business of being heroes, saving the world one piece of junk at a time. Join us in our mission, and let’s make the world a better place, together.

Remember, when it comes to junk removal, AFLANCE shows that not all full loads are created equal, and IREP Junk Removal stands out as your top choice. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a brighter, cleaner future with IREP.

“Quick and easy process to get rid of junk, fair pricing, and friendly helpful staff. Would recommend to anyone looking to remove junk around Austin.”

Andrew Johnson

Realtors, apartment managers, community directors, property managers and individual residents in the greater Austin area including Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Bee Cave, when it comes to hauling “junk”, remember IREP is the best option.

Ask your current provider what the cubic footage or yardage is on their “full load junk removal,” what that price is, and where all your stuff is going. That should give you a better idea if it is the best and most cost effective solution for your needs.

Your best option is just a click away, thanks to IREP Junk Removal.

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