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5 Myths About Junk Removal

5 Myths About Junk Removal

We’re going to discuss and debunk some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding junk removal services. As we enter the holidays, most of us can expect to receive gifts from family, friends, significant others, and coworkers. If your living space looks...

IREP Truck Track Trend

IREP Truck Track Trend

Want to win free stuff for posting a picture? The IREP trucks can easily be seen all around town because of the firey, metallic blue color. It truly stands out. We get messages all the time saying, "I saw your truck today!" We wanted to take that sort of exposure and...

Junk Removal
How to Measure Cubic Feet
How to Measure Cubic Feet
Kelly Johnson has an interview about IREP with Candace on her Coffee Break series.

Before and After video at a job for an administrative office.

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