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May Student Special

full truck and trailer for junk removal
May student special for junk removal Austin, TX

We want to help Graduates, their parents and Student Properties.

Anyone can take advantage of our May Special, but we'd love to help out students and anyone who has contact with them.


$1,400 plus tax removes 900 cubic feet of unwanted items. That's a 12% discount off a FULL TRUCK & TRAILER!


For residential or commercial locations!

New and returning customers apply!

You MUST book a job for May 2022, and the price only works for 900 cubic feet, which comes to about $1.56 per cubic foot.


Can NOT be prorated.

Labor NOT included.


We now offer financing for jobs estimated $500 or more!


We are a local, woman-owned business that looks out for our customers and the environment! Maximizing space while minimizing waste.




Ideal For:

Student Housing Junk left Downtown Austin, TX

Student Housing properties

When students move out of their housing, most of the time they leave a lot of stuff around dumpsters at the street, in alley ways or parking garages. This causes numerous amounts of issues, especially if the property is in Downtown Austin.  It's worse if multiple locations have the same problem on the same street.


We can come by quickly to clear everything up to keep our community clean and clear of unwanted mess.

Parents with Kids Moving to college

Maybe you have a garage full of your kids stuff, and noww they are going to college, so you can clear it out to have your own space again. Father's would love to have a man cave or a work shop. Maybe you want to clear out their room so Mom can have an office or hobby room.


Whatever the case may be, we can help.

teen student bedroom with too much stuff

Students with too much stuff

Perhaps you are a student moving away to college and have too much stuff to take with you and put in your dorm room. Your parents may also be saying they won't store your things and it's up to you to "be an adult and figure it out."


We can help you get rid of stuff and find good homes so that your stuff is not wasted.

Join us in our recycling mission

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