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  • Shopping - Consignment/Thrift/Resale
  • Top Employers - Best Boss - Kelly Dahl Johnson
  • Top Employers - Best Overall Company
  • Home or Business Services - Home Improvement Contractor
  • Home or Business Services - Damage Restoration (Emergency Cleanup)
Best of Hays 2022 2023 nominate IREP Austin Junk Removal emrgency cleanup damage restoration home improvement contractor best boss best overall company Kelly Dahl Johnson San marcos Texas TX
Best of Hays 2022 2023 nominate IREP Austin Junk Removal emrgency cleanup damage restoration home improvement contractor best boss best overall company Kelly Dahl Johnson San Marcos Texas TX

Why We Deserve Your Nomination


Our mission at IREP is to be one of Earth's heroes and help save the planet by recycling everything possible. One way we do that is selling or donating others' unwanted items to those in the community who need them the most.

Everything is online so there is no need to leave your home or business unless you'd like to take advantage of our FREE pickup. We can deliver any item to you at a flat rate.

You can also find clothes located on Poshmark or collectables on eBay.

When we do donate, it's all local people, places or organizations. Not Goodwill or Salvation Army, unless a client specifically asks us to do that. We do our best to focus on the community we share. Favorite places: Austin Pets Alive Thrift Shop, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Austin High School, Smalls Middle School, or a local Buy Nothing Group and the like.

Best Boss - Kelly Dahl Johnson

Kelly started the business as a side gig in 2012. 10 years later we're still in operation, yet in a bigger and better position, and Kelly has a huge hand in it. When she started the company it was her and Gilbert running everything. Gilbert still works with us. That says a lot. Our Operations Director, Chip, is the father of Kelly's daughter and her former husband. How many exes would work for their former spouse?

The environment, hard work and care that Kelly brings to her employees and the area she lives is perfectly enough to earn her a "Best Boss" nomination. If you haven't met or spoken with her, you're missing out.

Best Overall Company

We are not just a junk removal company. We provide a wide list of services to offer the community and we look out for each client, the community and the world we live in. We try to be heroes of the planet and anyone who uses us, or gets items from us is a hero too. We can't save the world alone. We have to do it together. 

On top of all our services, we are trying to expand how we educate people all over the world on recycling and supporting local. We firmly believe we have the Best Boss and can provide the best unique and quality premium services, which makes us a great company overall.

Home Improvement Contractor

There are a number of things you can do to improve your home or business, and we can help in almost every area while recycling 60%.

  • Garage Clearout
  • Attic Clearout
  • Hoarder Cleanup
  • Debris Removal
  • Recycling Pickup
  • General Bulk Item Removal
  • Storage Relocation
  • Micro Trash & Pet Waste Removal
  • General Labor

Damage Restoration (Emergency Cleanup)

From tornadoes, to issues caused by freezing weather, we've helped a number of people cleanup after various damages. We do not offer dumpsters or trailers, but we'll happily provide labor and item removal at any location in the greater Austin area needed for your home or business.

We are even a GRIT Finalist from Texas State because of our help and resilience during disasters. 


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